Equipment Management Services

Independent Equipment Management Services

Pro-Quip is Norway's only provider of independent equipment management services for the oil & gas industry. We provide services and systems that help optimize E&P company's existing inventory through increased use, transfer, recycling, and sale.

By increasing awareness and cooperation in the oil & gas industry, Pro-Quip methods and systems will contribute to increased utilization of surplus equipment. This will ultimately reduce new project costs and at the same time contribute to reducing the overall environmental impact untapped surplus oilfield equipment imposes to our society.

Other Pro-Quip Services:

  • Cloud-based Equipment Sharing Platform
  • Sourcing of Oilfield Equipment
  • Independent Trader of Oilfield Equipment
  • Equipment Information Management
  • Early Phase Project Planning Services
  • Equipment Recycling Services
  • Specialist Engineering Services

Identify & Track

Recommend & Optimize

Review & Implement

Pro-Quip systems & methods are focused around value creation & cost effective solutions.

Pro-Quip provide recommendations that optimize client's existing inventory through:

  • Increased use

  • Re-use

  • Transfer

  • Sale

Pro-Quip Process

Pro-Quip creates value for our clients through all project phases:

  • Project & Planning

  • Operations
  • Upon Project Completion

Pro-Quip services provide clients with improved inventory management related to cost efficiency synergies, in addition to a positive environmental impact.

The 3-step process

Pro-Quip encourages E&P companies to follow a simple 3-step process to maximize value creation from their existing surplus inventory:

1. Identify your surplus

Obviously, most E&P companies know what and where their surplus assets are. However, to do a proper evaluation, Pro-Quip recommends operators to conduct an asset audit based on their surplus to define documentation and condition status of relevant equipment. In this process, Pro-Quip will discover which items are redundant, obsolete or otherwise no longer needed - based on planned activities.

2. Decide what to do with available surplus

After identifying equipment surplus, the next step is to decide what to do with the items. E&P companies don't necessarily want to sell every surplus item they have - some assets might be better off redeployed internally elsewhere or may have a condition where recycling makes more sense.

What to do with surplus inventory will depend in large part on the potential re-selling value. Pro-Quip is a trusted partner for E&P companies regarding value appraisal of surplus equipment.

3. Maximize the value of available surplus

Once a company determine which items to re-stock, recycle and sell - the final step is to capitalize on the work performed. Pro-Quip offers independent equipment trading services, and has a large network of potential buyers domestically and internationally. We also facilitate equipment needs between E&P companies. Publishing surplus equipment on Pro-Quip's Information Center will ensure items are visible and available to all active operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, contributing to increased cooperation between E&P companies.

Our Services:

Sourcing of Oilfield Equipment 

Upon receipt of an equipment sourcing inquiry, we immediately check our Pro-Quip equipment database, for available stock within Norway. If this check doesn't provide acceptable results, an intensive broader search is initiated, domestically and internationally. Our customers are kept fully informed throughout the sourcing process and are presented with the best solutions based on delivery time and price.

Independent Trader of Oilfield Equipment

Pro-Quip is an independent trader, and we have specialized in assisting E&P companies with maximizing value from sale of surplus oilfield equipment.

E&P companies provide Pro-Quip with surplus inventory equipment lists and this collaboration gives Pro-Quip the best overview of available surplus equipment in Norway at any point in time.

Pro-Quip assists E&P companies getting the best possible price for surplus oilfield equipment. We are an independent oilfield equipment trader and receive inquiries from companies all over the world regarding:

- Tubing and Casing (OCTG)

- Drilling & Completion Equipment

- Process & Topside Equipment

When maximizing customer's value of surplus equipment, Pro-Quip use our extensive domestic and international network:

We communicate on daily basis with E&P companies technical and SCM departments - and understand their equipment needs and requirements

Pro-Quip has a large network of dealers buying oilfield equipment for use in the oilfield and other industries. Pro-Quip deals directly with large entrepreneurs requiring surplus oilfield equipment for projects such as piling and foundation work

Equipment Information Management

Pro-Quip verify and quality assure technical data and documentation of equipment in warehouses, onshore and offshore installations, on behalf of clients. We perform delta-analysis between physical equipment inventories and ERP systems.

We make sure necessary and relevant documentation is available for material administration, maintenance, logistics and finance, in order to perform criticality analysis, maintenance, spare parts evaluations and coding of materials.

Early Phase Project Planning Services

Pro-Quip cooperate with Engineers and Project Managers in E&P companies, with early phase project requirements. Pro-Quip's focus is to reduce project costs, by constructing equipment packages from available surplus equipment. All equipment items Pro-Quip recommend to use will always be unused, have full traceability and relevant documentation.

Equipment Recycling Services

Through trusted partners Pro-Quip facilitate recycling of oilfield equipment on behalf of E&P companies. We always aim to find the most resource-efficient way to get the most value from equipment identified as scrap - and maximise the proportion that can be used as new raw material.


Pro-Quip provide reliable and cost-effective decommissioning and demolition services, customised to meet our client's schedules. We typically assist E&P companies, via EPCI contractors, with engineering and facilities management. We deliver a consistently high standard of decommissioning service, in full compliance relevant regulations, for the oil & gas industry.

Engineering Services

Through close cooperation with highly recognized strategic partners, Pro-Quip offers the following expertise to support E&P companies and contractors:

  • Completion Engineers
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Material & Inventory Management Specialists
  • Equipment Material Coordinators
  • SAP Specialists
  • Process Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • QA/QC Specialists

These experts support our clients with early phase project planning, support during execution phase and post evaluation work.