About Pro-Quip

Pro-Quip is Norway's only provider of independent equipment management services for the oil & gas industry. We provide services and systems that help optimize E&P company's existing inventory through increased use, transfer, recycling, and sale. We facilitate equipment needs between operators through Pro-Quip's cloud based Information Center - where certified oilfield equipment is available for the industry. The system can easily be used to share equipment needs between projects, assets and licenses internally.

Pro-Quip is also an independent oilfield equipment trader and a one-stop-shop for all types of oilfield equipment sourcing requirements. We have in-house engineering expertise in the following areas:

  • Tubing and Casing (OCTG)
  • Drilling & Completion
  • Process & Topside

Pro-Quip operates independently of equipment suppliers and manufacturers. The combination of Pro-Quip's broad network in Norway and Internationally - and our equipment database, makes sure we can source or sell any type of oilfield equipment. Our customers can rely on being offered certified high quality products at the best possible rate and delivery time.

By increasing awareness and cooperation in the oil & gas industry, Pro-Quip methods and systems will contribute to increased utilization of surplus equipment. This will ultimately reduce new project costs and at the same time contribute to reducing the overall environmental impact untapped surplus oilfield equipment imposes to our society.

Pro-Quip Equipment Sharing Platform

Publishing surplus equipment on Pro-Quip's Equipment Sharing Platform will ensure items are visible and available to all active operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, contributing to increased cooperation between E&P companies.

Several E&P companies use Pro-Quip's Information Center actively for both acquiring and selling oilfield equipment.

The system has integrated functions for ongoing projects to handle project equipment overviews, equipment condition status, certification and documentation. Pro-Quip Equipment Sharing Platform has also company specific functionality for facilitation of equipment needs internally, between assets and licences.

Pro-Quip Equipment Sharing Platform is the most efficient way for E&P companies to visualize and make usable surplus equipment available for internal use and/or for sale externally.

Please contact Pro-Quip, if you would like more information: mail@pro-quip.no